Welcome to the wonderful and vibrantly kaleidoscopic world of Asya.

Born in Stockholm to Sudanese parents (Father: Doctor / Mother: Artist) and steeped in a myriad of disparate musical influences ranging from Aretha Franklin to Umm Kulthum, Asya’s destiny was indelibly forged from
early childhood.

Having spent her formative years travelling between Sweden, Egypt and London, Asya’s love for singing and performing, inspired by the everyday conflicts of life and love, prompted her to start writing her own songs at the tender age of fifteen.

Her musical style flows seamlessly between blues and soul with a contemporary twist influenced by her African and Middle-Eastern upbringing. Often alternating between languages Asya’s soaring vocals give an almost hypnotic feel against a strong rhythmic backdrop.

Songs about women who are strong, confident, yet exposing an arresting honesty and deep seated vulnerability, without being deemed fallible in any shape or form… Much like Asya herself.

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